Bookcase Wooden — Tangerine

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Wooden Bookcase
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Rs. 27,000.00 Rs. 21,999.00
Rs. 21,999.00

Wooden Bookcase -Tangerine 

To organize and store all those books, games, and toys that seem to overflow out of your kid's room, this shelf will prove to be an excellent help.

With its varied shelf sizes, you can store things of all shapes and sizes easily and the big drawer at the bottom will be a great space to store stuff toys and other small toys. The Tic Tac Toe shelf along with the Woody Chair and Allen Kids Table is all you need for your kid's room.

Type : Bookcase | Book Shelf
Dimension (in cm) : Height: 40 inches
Length: 23.5 inches
Width: 12.5 inches
Material Used : Mango Wood
Shape : Rectangular
No. Of Drawers : 1
No. Of Shelves : 9
Style : Modern
Floor Standing :  Yes
Primary Room : 
Study Room | Living Room
Secondary Room :  Bedroom
With Storage : Yes
Assembly Required : No
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D A H L I A - C A R V E D

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Bookcase Wooden — Tangerine
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