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3x Pods Pro- Hilariously huge AirPods, 50 times BIG - Review

by Evolve Corporation 21 Jul 2020

3x Pods pro Review Evolvekart

What is going on with these hilariously huge AirPods so these are the three x pods? We don't know why they call them 3x because they're a lot bigger than three times the size of AirPods but they are Bluetooth speakers modeled after AirPods pro.

Hilariously Big

There are the size of a camera and a lens may be or like a really big coffee mug, the point is they're hilariously big, and weirdly enough even though they definitely don't go in your ears.

Quick and easily via Bluetooth
Even if they are shack's size they still have rubber tips so that if you wanted to put them in an elephant's ears or something they would have a somewhat comfortable fit. We guess a couple of things you may be wondering about them. Yes, there is a black and a white version they do pair quickly and easily via Bluetooth. You can see there's a couple of controls a power switch, playback controls, a microphone, and sadly a micro USB charging port.

You can also play music from built-in FM radio, a USB flash drive, or a TF card. We have to look that up to... it's called a Trans Flashcard which is the same thing as micro sd. They sound like, you're not buying these for how they sound.

What to Expect?
If you are wondering they sound pretty bad. They have very very little bass. They don't get very loud maybe they are kind of sounding like giant AirPods. There are other speakers of this size that cost around the same amount that gets twice as loud and sound much better.


Amazing Conversation Starter
You're not getting these for the sound but this is much more about the novelty factor we mean look at them how is this not an amazing conversation starter. Just sitting on a shelf in your living room you pick these up they're super lightweight and then just the fact that they function as speakers and all the sound comes from where you'd expect them to is pretty sweet.

Amazing Conversation Starter

We just want you to know before you go out and buy these they are 40 bucks right now on their site. We should expect this but they are super cheaply built and you can feel it immediately. They say on their site that they are 3d printed but we don't know if that they are. All over the thing there are screws the grilles that match the metal on the AirPods are just stickers but even if they are 3d printed it doesn't seem to help the actual build quality.

So don't buy these for the build quality don't buy these for the sound quality buy these for the immense flex that not only do you have AirPods pro but now you also have the gigantic 50 times size AirPods pros. They function which is wild although minus the noise cancellation. Actually what's funny is when they ship these you get a black and white but they're both left AirPods but what they should have done is give you one right one left and then have them pair up in a stereo mode and let you get into it.

But maybe they'll save that for the second-gen version.

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