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Samsung G9 Odyssey Ultra Wide Monitor for gaming reviews price and specs

by Evolve Corporation 22 Jul 2020

SAMSUNG Odyssey G9 Ultrawide Monitor for gaming

The Samsung Odyssey G9 49-inch Ultrawide gaming monitor. This thing is ridiculous in so many ways so everything about this monitor is to the limits. First of all, it comes in a huge, insane box, and then it's a 49-inch diagonal monitor so the biggest monitor you might have ever used.

It's a 5120 by 1440 resolution so 5k wide which doesn't make it the first monitor of that resolution but this is the first one we've seen at a 240hz refresh rate. With HDR 1000 certification thanks to Qled so it gets crazy bright if you need it to. It has a 1 millisecond response time. It supports Nvidia G-sync over display port 1.4 and it's curved massively. Curved monitors have different levels of the amount of curve you can have.

This monitor is what's called a 1000 radius curve which just means if you put these monitors into a circle until they all connected the radius of that circle would be a thousand centimeters which without any context doesn't mean anything but what they're trying to tell you with that number is it is very very curved around that center point. And so it sticks out a lot from the base as a result the curve matches the human eye.

Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor price

The bottom line is the experience you get sitting in front of this thing right in the middle right up close using it and especially gaming on it is one of maximum immersion you might have never had.

It checks most of the rest of the other boxes from a high-end monitor. There are two display port one HDMI and a USB hub and audio jack around the back. Displayport is the best way to get the most out of this monitor we kind of wish there was USB type-c Samsung as long as we're trying to check all the boxes but it doesn't have that.

Around the glossy white back you can turn on the RGB lights in the middle of backside support glows, it's pretty sick, it's kind of like infinity void even though you never have to look at the back of your monitor at least you know it's there. You get a little spill over onto the wall behind it but what's nice about back beside the cable management is headphone holder because even though it is kind of hard to reach behind a huge monitor still it's nice that they thought about it. Put something back there because when you have a monitor on your desk it's really hard to have anything else on your desk.

So that is the price you pay for this huge, vast expanse of a screen. But a lot of people looking at this right now are thinking you know what that's worth it. I want one so if you are one of those people who wants to buy the link is mentioned at the bottom

You'll find this for 700 bucks which are definitely expensive for a monitor costs more than the equivalent of like buying two separate 27 inches 240-hertz monitors. But the badass factor of having it all in one unit the lack of a bezel in the middle, the HDR certification, the Qled, the image AH, the curve its kind of hard to match this.

Now for me, like we've gamed on this a bit, We've never been a huge ultra-wide people. We need the vertical pixels when most of the work we do requires vertical scrolling so ultra wides are ultra-wide they've never really been very tall so 1440p not enough pixels vertically for us but for gaming this thing is incredible and that's why it's a can be bought tech piece.

So that is the - - Samsung Odyssey G9.

930 x 520px


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