Curved TVs are affordable now. Uvea Curved TVs

What is a curved TV?

Curved TV is a TV with a slightly curved screen compared to the regular flat-screen TV. When you curve a TV, you get 3 main differences in a viewing experience.

  • Immersion
  • Distortion
  • Glare

Curved TVDistortion and glare are natural points of what people are concerned about when you curve a large TV.  

Does the image go distorted? What about the amount of glare from improper angles? The glare isn`t a problem than it is on a normal flat TV. Distortion can get a little bit odd if you`re looking at a TV from a wrong angle. 

There is a slightly smaller viewing radius when looking at the screen. It doesn`t mean that you can`t look at it off-axis and see everything. It just means it`s going to look a little bit eerie from slightly different angles if you are watching a movie and trying to get a full cinematic experience.

What is a curved radius in Curved TVs?

Curve radius is the measurement of the circle TV would make if you continued it's curved around a complete circle. Now, all Curved TVs have almost the same curve radius. 

If the radius is 4.2 meters or around 13.5 feet, you will get the optimal viewing experience if you seat about 13.5 feet away from the TV in the center of an imaginary circle, this is where the immersion comes in where you will notice the curve on the TV and it changes the viewing experience. 

So immersion tends to be the X factor that decides what the difference between a curve and a flat TV. 

Is it worth buying a curved TV?

Most of the curved TVs are expensive. The cost-to-benefit factor is the biggest point to consider while buying one. If prices start to fall in the range of flat TVs, curved TVs will begin to get some ground and momentum.

 Are there affordable Curved TVs available in the market?

Yes, Uvea has a range of very affordable Curved TVs as compared to Samsung and Sony TVs. Uvea is an Indian TV manufacturer with it`s manufacturing unit in Noida.

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